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There will be fewer teams competing at the 2020 NSW State Cup than in previous years, but it won’t mean a total disaster for tourism operators in Port Macquarie.
That’s the opinion of Touch Football NSW general manager Dean Russell ahead of the annual event on December 4.

There will be 34 fewer teams competing in 2020, however, the Arrive Play Leave format of the tournament will open up endless possibilities for visitors to explore the Hastings.

“I know anecdotally of people who are coming to town but just not to the fields, so people are going to be spending money in different areas than they normally would,” Russell said.

“Their kids, husbands, or wives may be playing, but they’re still going to be in town themselves so are they going to have a game of golf, or are they going for a cruise up the river?

“Are they going to go to Cassegrain Winery or out to Billabong Zoo and spend their money out there? These are things people have rarely done, but will have the opportunity to explore this year.”

Players won’t be exchanging stories in tents between games, however, there was nothing stopping them from meeting up in town over lunch or dinner.

“When we were given our exemption, we always anticipated our team numbers would be down because the State Cup is about two things,” Russell said.

“It’s about going away to win a state championship in whatever division you play and the second part is the whole social aspect and catching up with people you haven’t seen in 12 months.

“It’s not going to be normal and it’s sad we can’t have spectators, but what’s the alternative … we don’t play.”

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