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Sporting Schools For Affiliates

About this page: Touch Football Australia is one of 30 sports involved in the Australian Sports Commission program ‘Sporting Schools’.

For information on what Sporting Schools is, visit : NSWTOUCH.COM.AU/SPORTING SCHOOLS

NSW Touch Football are providing the opportunity for Affiliates to be involved in the Sporting Schools Program.

How can Sporting Schools Benefit Your Affiliate?

• Promotion of Seasonal Junior Competitions
• Growth of the Sport through participation
• Developing Participants Touch Football Skills & Confidence
• Encourage Participants to join local affiliate
• Increased Presence in the local community
• Development relationships with schools
• Up-skill coaches (professional development)

How can an Affiliate get involved?

• Identifying coaches that would be able to deliver programs
(i.e. university students, part-time or flexible workers, retired)
• Approach schools in local area with Sporting Schools Information
• Promote local junior competition during Sporting Schools program
• Provide hand-out to participants at the conclusion of the program
• Collaborate with NSWTA SSO for further development opportunities

For more information contact:

Jocelyn Burnett
Sport Support Officer
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (02) 9558 9333