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About this page:  Across the sporting spectrum there are significant opportunities for Affiliates and individuals to access and win these. From developing or building a facility through to individual travel support. This section will highlight those which are available and how best to submit applications.

Why are grants offered? 

Organisations will offer grants for many reasons. The most obvious reasons will relate specifically to sport and include:

  • Affiliate development, leadership and governance training and development
  • Uniforms
  • Travel for competitions
  • Facility Improvement
  • Increasing participation

“A grant is where a sum of money is given by an organisation to another for a specific purpose.”
The key piece of wording here is, the grant is provided for a specific purpose.


A common mistake affiliate’s make when applying for grants is that their application does not fit the purpose of the grant so it becomes automatically ineligible.

It is really important that you and your affiliate take the time to understand what the grant provider is trying to achieve and then tailor your application to meet their needs.

Sports affiliates are also able to apply for grants which may not seem to have a direct link to sport but with a bit of creative thinking affiliates can successfully apply for grants that seek to:,

  • Increase community development
  • Inclusion of minority groups such as people with a disability or CaLD groups
  • Economic development – these are great grants if you are considering running a major event that will benefit the wider community
  • Development of community facilities and infrastructure

If your affiliate has a need then they will almost certainly need a grant.
One thing to keep in mind though is that grants are generally only open for a short period each year. It is absolutely crucial to allocate a person in your affiliate who has the specific responsibility of monitoring grants and ensuring you don’t miss out on applying for grants that are suitable.


Grant Writing Guidelines

Each funding program or scheme will establish criteria specific to eligibility, application procedures, expenditure, reporting, and assessment. It is important to clearly identify what your organisation wants to fund/do and then assess whether you will meet the criteria for the funding opportunity before you apply – if it won’t then there is no point applying. Make sure you can also articulate what issue or program requires the funding and what solution the funding will provide.


Some useful resources for writing successful grant applications:

Grants, Affiliate Help. Provides brief tips and information on grant writing including Understanding grant guidelines; The write up; Planning for grants; and additional resources.

Grants Help Centre, The Funding Centre. Provides a variety of resources and information for the grant process from deciding to apply, writing the application, and monitoring the project.

Sports Clubs and Grants, Sports Community. Provides a brief overview and tips for understanding what grants are; who offers grants; where to find them; and strategies for writing successful grant applications.

Writing Sponsorship Proposals, NSW Office of Sport and Recreation. Provides information on writing sponsorship proposals.


Supporting Evidence

When writing grants you may need to provide information and evidence to support your application. This could include demographics or statistics for your affiliate/region/sport, or evidence to support why your sport/program will benefit a specific or broader community objective. The Clearinghouse for Sport Knowledge Base provides access to a range of expert evaluated information resources covering good/promising practice.


Who provides grants?

Another common mistake is that grants are provided only by government and while it is true that the major providers of grants for sports affiliates are the three levels of government:

  • Local councils
  • State governments
  • Federal government
  • Other government agencies
  • Philanthropic trusts and foundations
  • Commercial organisations

Crucially, we know that many grants are oversubscribed but just as many, especially the council and less well-known grants, don’t get enough applications to give out all their available funds.


To Find Grants useful links include;
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