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Volunteer Management

About this page: The engagement of volunteers in touch football is vital to the successful running of any Touch Football Affiliation. NSWTA affiliates can devise responsive and accommodating approaches to recruit, support and retain the vital volunteer base which facilitates the delivery of touch football in local communities.

Creative strategies for recruiting volunteers:

  • Produce volunteer information kits, including job descriptions for volunteer roles.
  • Check past and present membership lists for potential volunteers.
  • Organise recruitment drives using current volunteers to promote the club and its activities.
  • Offer young members the opportunity to take on the role of apprentice volunteers. Use existing and experienced volunteers as mentors.
  • Promote your organisation and volunteer roles at local retirement villages and organisations.
  • Advertise for volunteers on your organisation’s website.
  • Offer volunteers the opportunity to “job share” their volunteer role with a friend or partner.


-A good first impression                  -Ask for feedback                    -Keep them in the loop

-Give them meaningful work         -Professional development    -Be inclusive

-Celebrate their achievements      -Give feedback                           -A recognition program

Volunteer management is a way of orienting your affiliation, your committee and other key people to regularly and consistently recognise and promote the work of volunteers. Tailor your recognition to match the volunteer to make it most effective such as setting up coaching awards/various volunteer categories eg. Administration, game day operations, canteen, promotions/marketing.

Offer incentives such as reimbursing costs of completing training such as coach and officials accreditation, responsible serving of alcohol, working with children checks.

New South Wales Touch Football Volunteers:

Retention of volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of sport and recreation. Here’s some tips on effective ways to show you appreciate the work of your volunteers that will also contribute to a long term strategy for volunteer retention.

Education and training for volunteers

NSWTA recognises the importance of supporting and recognising volunteers so they feel valued and are able to fulfil the position they have been given.

Volunteers who are offered some form of training are more able to carry out their duties more comfortably and confidently and, as a result, more efficiently, which will in turn benefit their organisations.

Examples of education and training for volunteers include; coaching, officiatingsports medicine, administrative and management programs.

Rewarding volunteers

Recognition is vital in the retention of club volunteers. There are some key respects and approaches to recognising and rewarding volunteers in terms of equity.

It is important to keep records and to know why volunteers are being recognised or rewarded (e.g. length of service, going beyond the call of duty). Recognition stems from genuinely valuing your volunteers and their efforts within your club.

Ways to recognise volunteers:

  • Smile, say hello and thank you to your volunteers regularly
  • Write letters of reference and include details of service
  • Provide identification pins, badges, shirts or caps
  • Provide discounted memberships to volunteers
  • Acknowledge and profile volunteers in newsletters
  • Name events or facilities after long-serving volunteers
  • Present special awards for 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 and more years of service

Are you interested but don’t know where to start?

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