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New South Wales Touch Association is divided into 6 regions for development, technical and representative purposes and they are; Southern Suns (South Coast & South West NSW), Sydney Rebels (South East & South West Sydney), Sydney Mets (Central & Western Sydney), Sydney Scorpions (North East & North West Sydney), Hunter Western Hornets (Hunter, Central Coast & Western NSW) and Northern Eagles (North Coast & North West NSW)

The objectives of each of these regions are:

  • To promote, encourage, foster, develop, extend, govern and control the sport of Touch in the Region of New South Wales for human beings.
  • To co-ordinate, encourage, assist and support the activities of the Affiliates within the  Region and their co-operation with each other.
  • To promote, organise and conduct championships, competitions and other events within the  Region pertaining to the sport as may from time to time be considered expedient.
  • In conjunction with the New South Wales Board of Management to establish and maintain the Touch Playing Rules and regulations.
  • To select support and/or sponsor any representative team.
  • To act as the disciplinary and adjudicating body in respect to all matters pertaining to Touch in the Region.
  • To cooperate with organisations controlling the game in other Regions of New South Wales and with the New South Wales Touch Association in the promotion and control of the Sport.
  • To represent the Regions on the New South Wales Touch Association Board of Management and General Committee
  • To abide by the overriding Constitution, Policy and Regulations of the New South Wales Touch Association Inc.

For further information on each of the regions please view their website;

Hunter Western Hornets Region



Northern Eagles Region

Northern Eagles


Sydney Mets Region

Sydney mets Logo DR v1


Sydney Rebels Region

Sydney Rebelsmanless


Sydney Scorpions Region



Southern Suns Region 


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